A collection of cute auto-generated political punks.
Own them either because you love or hate them!

(you might find some one you know) Release date: TBD


Many centuries before the metaverse there was an island called "Wonderland". This island & it's people had a proud history of more than 2500 years. After battled with many invaders & enemies, on the year of 1948 they gained there independence title. There after the island was lead by many different political punks. Some of them are remembered to this day with honor while others aren't.

This is an opportunity for you to collect your favorite or most hated cute political punk (all the figures are auto-generated from an algorithm & does not target any individual or political party). Not only that, but also you can take a part of a great cause by being a part of a donation to Little Hearts society.

Chinthaka(aka 3Dartsbychin)

Art Director & every other role :P

Artist Profile

A passionate creative designer who is always with a thirst to raise the bar on what he does. His talents varies from graphic designing and all the way to 3D animations.

With the industry experience of 10+ years, he is one of the Co-founders of Arimac Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (Currently work as the Head of Design). Also involved in two of the most revolutionary PC games in Sri Lankan history (Kanchayudha, 2016 & NERO, 2021) as a design director.

Road map

Phase 01

Creating awareness among the NFT interest groups and building a substantial follower base (cumulatively 4K follower base on all social platforms) for the project. Giveaway campaigns will be organized and selected winners will be rewarded in later phases of the project.

Official Twitter page: twitter.com/cppunks
Official Discord server: discord.gg/cppunks

Phase 02

Total of 225 "Cute Political Punks" will be listed for sale on the OpenSea market place. Polygon will be the blockchain.

This process will break in to three stages.

  1. Cute Divisional political punks sale
    (First 100 of 225 will be listed for sale - 0.01 ETH each)
  2. Cute Provincial political punks sale
    (Second 60 of 225 will be listed for sale - 0.015 ETH each)
  3. Cute All island political punks sale
    (Third 55 of 225 will be listed for sale - 0.02 ETH each)

Rest of the 10 punks will awarded from the National list. These were the winners of phase 01 giveaways.

This phase will initiate after we hit around 4k follower base cumulatively on Twitter & Discord.

Phase 03

After a successful completion of phase 02, 10% of total sales will
donate to Little Hearts

Phase 04

Upon the success of phase 02;

- Announcement of the next NFT project and the benefits for the "Cute Political Punks" holders.

- CPPunks NFTs will act as special access tokens for an upcoming game title developed by Imi games.

- These punks will feature on a upcoming animated series and the NFTs become actors of the series, where the holders can brag about it ;). When we start to make profits the top tier holders will get 15% profit share. (spread across the 55 holders)

- The "CPPunkaverse" will continue to expand accors the metaverse with many additions & our early adapters will continue to get special benifits.